ePress provides online access to over 200 Finnish newspapers.

Access ePress on a library computer, a Hublet tablet or a computer for online newspapers and magazines.

Instructions for ePress.


PressReader is a large international newspaper portal. It provides online access to newspapers and magazines from over 100 countries and in several languages.

Access PressReader on a library computer, on your mobile device by connecting to the library WiFi, or from home by following this link to PressReader.

Instructions for PressReader.

eMagz Remote

eMagz provides online access to 11 Finnish magazines: Antiikki ja taide, Et-lehti, Demi, Ihana, Kamera-lehti, Kippari, Me Naiset, Suomen Kuvalehti, Tekniikan Maailma, Tuulilasi, Unelmien Talo & Koti.

Instructions for eMagz.

The library subscribes to many newspapers and magazines, and to two newspaper portals, ePress and PressReader.

The most recent issues are on display and do not circulate. Back issues for the current year are stored on the shelf behind the display shelf, or in a magazine storage box. Older issues are in the closed stacks. To request newspapers or magazines from the closed stacks, please contact the customer service desk.

In the main library the newspapers and magazines are available in the section Newspapers and magazines.