Children and young adults

All Vaasa city library locations have a wide range of materials for children and young people. You can borrow books, films, video and board games, comics, magazines, music and sheet music.

To borrow materials you need a library card. You can apply for a card in person at any Vaasa city library location. If you are under 15 years old, you must have a parent or guardian with you when you apply for the card.

All Vaasa city library locations also have spaces for children and young people where they can read, play and attend to library events.

Lulu the library frog is the mascot of children’s library work in Vaasa. Lulu was designed by illustrator Terese Bast.

The Instagram account for the library services for children and young people is called Lulugram. Follow Lulugram for updates about library event, book recommendations and news from the library.

Lukusammakko Lulu

Children and young people in the main library

The main library has a separate section for children and young people on the first floor.

The children’s section has yellow bookshelves. Here you can find:

  • Picture books (in Finnish, Swedish an English), fairytales, fiction, Early reader books (“Opi lukemaan”) and poetry.
  • A parent’s shelf with books about emotional skills, and books about difficult topics that children and adults can read together.
  • A music corner with music cd’s, song books and sheet music for children as well as films, audio books and multimedia (book + cd) for children.

Please notice: Non-fiction for children is located in the red bookshelves in the young people’s section.

The young people’s section has red bookshelves. Here you will find:

  • Books for young people, comics, joke books, and books for children and young people in other languages that Finnish, Swedish and English.
  • Please notice: The section for young people’s fiction has separate shelves for books in plain Finnish and Swedish, ghost stories, sports books (fiction) and horse books (both fiction and non-fiction).
  • Non-fiction for children and young people.
  • Console games, films for young people and young adults, and audio books for young people, in the white bookshelf.
  • Two computers and one search computer.

The young adult’s section is located in the shelves around the staircase. Here you will find Finnish and Swedish young adult fiction, young adult fantasy and science fiction, and manga comics.

Story room Illusia

The story room Illusia is where the main library story hours are held, and where day care groups and school classes come when they visit the library. At other times, the room is available to all customers.

The soft carpet in the story room is ideal for babies and toddlers.

Rules of conduct

  • Read, play and relax.
  • Hang up your coat and leave your shoes in the shoe rack outside the story room.
  • Leave the pram outside the story room.
  • You can build huts, tunnels and more out of the floor cushions, but do not stack cushions and climb on them.
  • Do not jump down from a stack of cushions, an armchair or the window ledge.
  • Do not throw toys or cushions.
  • Do not eat or drink in the story room.
  • When you leave the story room, put all toys and games back where they belong.
  • Please be considerate of other children and adults in the story room and in the children’s section.
  • Parent/guardian: You are responsible for the child/children in the story room. Never leave your child unattended in the story room.

Games room Pessi

Rules of conduct

  • The games room has the following consoles: PlayStation 4, Xbox 360.
  • The games and controllers are available at the customer service desk of the children's section. You will need to leave your library card with the librarian while you are playing. The staff will open the games cabinet for you.
  • You can take one game at a time to the games room.
  • A player or a group of players can use the games room for one hour per day.
  • Four people are allowed in the room at the same time.
  • Be considerate of other players and behave in a manner that does not disrupt them.
  • Do not eat or drink in the games room.
  • You are responsible for the game and the games room equipment while you are playing.
  • Failure to comply with these rules will result in a temporary ban from the games room.
  • Return the game and the controller to the customer service desk when you stop playing. The librarian will give you your library card back.
  • Play and have fun but keep the noise level down.

Genre codes

The library's fiction section has been organized into genres. The genre of a book is indicated by a colour sticker on the book spine. Some genres have separate sections, other are shelved in the general fiction section.

Books for children and young people

Early reader Early reader Fantasy Fantasy Ghosts Ghosts Horses Horses Humour Humour Plain language Plain language

Queer Queer Scifi Scifi Short story collections Short story collections Sports Sports Thrillers/Crime Thrillers / Crime

Seasonal books

Autumn Autumn Christmas Christmas Easter Easter Spring Spring Summer Summer Winter Winter

Picture books

Autumn Autumn Christmas Christmas Family and everyday life Family and everyday life Health Health, doctors and hospitals Parent's shelf Parent's shelf Plain language Plain language
Queer Queer School School Search and find Search and find! Spring Spring Summer Summer Vehicles Vehicles and traffic
Winter Winter

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